Haunted Houses

There’s a reason Halloween is one of the biggest holidays of the year. With all the candy, spooks and dressing up, it’s hard to see how somebody could not like this holiday. It’s the one time of the year where we come face to face with our mortality and all of our fears. That’s got to be healthy one way or another, right? Although it can be fun taking the children out trick-or-treating, there’s much more fun adults can have with Halloween. Sure, we all know that neighbor who turns his own house into a haunted house, but still, those are never as scary as visiting an actual haunted house. And today, the haunted houses are utterly frightening.

There’s a wide range of haunted houses to visit. You have the most standard haunted houses with a few jumps and scares and some pretty good art and special effects. But there’s much more out there. With some of the larger haunted attractions, you can run through crowded outdoor mazes and you try to survive whatever that noise you just heard was. Outdoor haunted houses are another great option. They’re a perfect way for taking advantage of the last bit of fall weather, and they’re great at making their guests feel like they’re all alone. And with some of the more interactive haunted houses, you can take aim at zombies with paintball guns or even travel the streets of a city that’s long been lost to evil.

Tons of haunted houses like this begin to pop up during Halloween time in Tallahassee. Some of them have a Hollywood-quality special effects team. These haunted houses are amazing at making visitors feel like they’re playing a role in one of their favorite Halloween movies. If you’re going to a haunted house with renowned special effects, make sure you don’t come alone. You want a big group if you’re going to be wandering the halls of an abandoned mental hospital. And the best way for getting that group there is a party bus.

While party buses are typically used for party events like weddings and bachelorette parties, they work perfectly for haunted house trips. Set the tone right on the way there. Pop in a scary movie, set the lights to dim and get just the perfect amount of apprehension before you arrive. Since most haunted houses don’t offer drinks and food, a party bus is a great way to stay focused on the spooks from the moment you pull in. No worrying about buying a drink or filling up before you get there. With a party bus, you can be sure your time at a haunted house is spent right — by getting spooked!

Forget bar hopping, go haunted house hopping! Take a party bus to and from some of the best haunted houses in the area. There’s a lot of variety nowadays when it comes to haunted houses, so take the opportunity to see it all. You can travel to the closest haunted house in your area to knock them off the list, and then you can hunker down as you travel to one of the best known Tallahassee haunted houses. And on the way back, you can feel free to relax and talk about the scares of the day over some cold drinks.

With highly seasoned drivers and some of the most upscale amenities you can find on wheels, a party bus is not only the safest option for arriving at a haunted house, it’s also the classiest option. What better way to feel like rich kids our favorite slashers took their vengeance out on than by rolling up to a haunted house in a beautiful party bus?