Tallahassee Party Buses FAQ

Can I drink on the bus?

Of course you can! It wouldn't be a party bus if you couldn't! As long as you are of legal drinking age you can definitely bring alcohol onto the buses and drink! Our buses feature beautiful full service bar areas with ice coolers and glassware!

Can I smoke in the bus?

Unfortunately no, we do not allow any smoking inside our party buses. However, that unlimited stops and mileage feature includes unlimited stops for smoke breaks! Just let your driver know if you need to pull over!

Where do you service?

We provide service in all of Leon County and several surrounding counties, including bordering counties in Georgia!

I want to cross into Georgia during my trip. Is that allowed?

Absolutely! As stated above, we also provide service in some counties in Georgia. Further, since your rental with Tallahassee Party Buses includes unlimited stops AND unlimited mileage, if you want to drive into Georgia beyond the counties bordering Florida, that is absolutely no problem, provided it fits within your rental time. We'll drive you all the way to Atlanta if you want, just like we'll drive you to Daytona Beach or Palm Beach! Unlimited stops and mileage means unlimited stops and mileage!

How do I get a price quote?

Tallahassee Party Buses operates 24/7 all year so to get your quote simply give us a call or send us an email at any time and one of our friendly agents will be glad to help you! Visit out pricing page for more information on our rates and policies!